Different Kinds of Boudoir Photography

My name is Heidi Garcia and I offer boudoir portraits in Los Angeles. If you found me on google by searching ‘boudoir photography near me’ or ‘glamour photographer’, then you’re in the place. One of my specialties include taking pictures of intimate portraits. My goal as a Los Angeles glamour photographer is to empower all my clients with photography. A boudoir photo shoot is a unique experience for anyone looking to explore their sensuality and beauty. Are you looking for creative boudoir photographer? Get in touch here: Los Angeles Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography in the Bedroom

The word ‘boudoir’ is a French word meaning a women’s bedroom or private sitting room. If you browse the web for boudoir portraits, you will see that the bedroom setting is a typical location for these kinds of photos. As a boudoir and glamour photographer, I always include the bedroom setting in each boudoir photo shoot. I intentionally keep the setting simple and classic because I want the main subject to be my beautiful clients. The photos below are examples of intimate portraits in my home studio:

Beach Boudoir Photography

The beach boudoir photography experience is for anyone who loves the ocean and wants to embrace their sensuality by the water. This experience is a celebration of women hood, empowerment, natural beauty and sensuality. I guide my clients through posing while paying attention to the beautiful light and shadows. My aesthetic is classy and tasteful. I want all of my clients to explore their unique sensual side. Below are examples of intimate portraits by the beach:

Bridal Boudoir Photography

This experience is for the engaged client who want to feel empowered and have a keepsake of such a special time. Bridal boudoir portraits can also be used a unique gift for spouses. Many brides choose to invest in an heirloom album that includes intimate portraits. On the day of their wedding, they will give the album to their spouse. The spouse is typically in awe, blown away and super excited to see the photos! If you decide you’d like bridal boudoir portraits as a gift, make sure to book your session in advance to ensure you get the album in time for the wedding.

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