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A women’s sensuality is her super power.

Fully experience your natural beauty.

Empowering Boudoir Photography

Step One: Pre-planning

Take some time to review the website and photos. If you love what you see, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Within 24-48 hours, I will reach out to schedule a pre-planning session over coffee, phone, or Zoom and discuss questions, pricing, and collections.

Step Two: Preparation

After booking your boudoir photo session, we will begin the preparation or brainstorming phase. Here we can create a Pinterest board and come up with fun ideas for your photoshoot. I will guide you with information on how to prepare and become comfortable for your upcoming photo session.

Step Three: Photo Session

Your photo session is where the magic happens! Come in for your photo session and begin by preparing your hair and makeup. Then, we will start the boudoir photoshoot. I will gently guide you while ensuring that you feel comfortable throughout the session

Step Four: Gallery Viewing

After your photoshoot, we will schedule a time to view your pictures in person or over Zoom. Here you will see all your beautiful boudoir photos and select which photo collection you’d like to purchase. You will receive the final selection within two weeks. 

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Why do I photograph boudoir?

As a woman, I know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in my body. Somewhere along the way, I internalized that I wasn’t beautiful enough or had to change something about myself. Through personal development and life experience, I have learned to love and embrace all of me. Once I learned how to accept myself fully, I felt empowered and beautiful within. With boudoir photography, I hope to do the same for others. I want women to realize how gorgeous they are. I want to invite women to feel stunning and empowered in their magnificent, au natural form.

My name is Heidi Garcia, and I offer Los Angeles Boudoir photography. As a boudoir photographer, my goal is to document the human experience beautifully. I hope to guide you toward empowerment with my photography. 

Before & After

Literally one of the most fun experiences you can have.

I came in a little self conscious. I’m used to being very MEH about myself in photos. But Heidi offered some super great pose ideas, made me feel really good about myself, and the photos turned out SO AMAZING! Oh, my gosh, I never thought I could look that sexy. If you’ve never done this before, I highly recommend! If you have, well, I think something like this should be done at least every few years. You’ll feel so good about yourself and Heidi is literally so excellent. She likes to make sure the lighting is perfect so the photos are absolutely epic!


had the opportunity to have my Boudoir photos taken by Heidi.

I was super nervous at first because I had never done these types of photos before. But, Heidi made me feel very relaxed and even turned on my favorite tunes! She knew exactly how to pose me and asked if I had any poses in mind as well. I would definitely recommend her for your Boudoir photos if you’ve never done it before. She had me laughing and dancing the whole time.


I was blown away by the results of the photoshoot with Heidi.

It was so easy to work with her, even though it was my first boudoir photoshoot and I can get very shy and awkward in front of the camera, she made me feel comfortable and directed me the whole time. The whole experience was fun and seamless. Her studio is so cute and stylish and the process to review and download the pictures is really streamlined and easy. I highly recommend Heidi for your photography services!!”


I can’t say enough how AMAZING my experience with Heidi was!.

I did a boudoir shoot with her, and I was a bit nervous at first but she made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. She was so professional, and her attention to detail really produced the most gorgeous photos. It was fun chatting with her during the shoot, too, and because of her it was actually the most fun I’ve had since the beginning of quarantine! And when I saw myself in the pictures I couldn’t believe how beautiful, sensual, and sexy I looked. It was hard to choose my favorites! I’m so grateful to Heidi for a perfect first boudoir experience! And she’s totally covid-safe, wearing a mask and with windows open for ventilation.


My philosophy when it comes to boudoir photography. 

1.) A women’s sensuality is her superpower.
2.) Boudoir photography is an exploration of your authentic self.
3.) Boudoir photos are for everyone!
4.) Boudoir photography is what you make it! 
5.) Treat yourself. Embrace your beauty and love every part of you!

What’s my style of boudoir photography?

My style of boudoir photography is classy, tasteful, creative and natural. Each boudoir photographer has their own style and uniqueness that they bring to their boudoir photos. If you look at my photography, you will see that they have a natural feel to them. This is because my style of photography tends to be on the more natural side. I’m not into super posey photos. My editing style is also natural. I do not do heavy retouching or photoshop because it goes against my beliefs that all people are beautiful as they are. 

What’s it like when you book me as your boudoir photographer?

One of my gifts includes the ability to make clients feel comfortable during a photo session. I’m also very good at posing. So I will pose you in a way that accentuates your curves. I look for the best light and flattering angles. Being in front of my camera may make you nervous at first. But once those initial feelings go away, you will find that the photo session feels very easy, fun and empowering.



Invest in yourself. Love yourself. Put yourself first.

Let’s bring out the real you on camera.

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Boudoir VIP Group by Heidi Garcia

Boudoir by Heidi Garcia VIP boudoir group is for all our favorite clients to keep them up to date with specials, giveaways and model calls. 

This is a beautiful little empowerment bubble. We are a new group that is growing and welcome all women who want to empower themselves and others. This is a unique space for all things boudoir. I’d love for you to join in on all the boudoir fun! 


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