Nude Boudoir: What is it?

Nude Boudoir is an intimate photography session that involves little to no clothing. Every boudoir photographer has their own approach to boudoir nude photography. My style of nude boudoir is artistic and natural. I’m studying the light and shadows as I photograph the nude form. As I’m taking pictures, I make sure my clients feel comfortable. My goal is to create naked boudoir photos that are flattering and high quality. I also want my clients to recognize themselves in their nude boudoir photos and to celebrate their beauty. I offer a unique experience and my approach is different from most photographers.

Naked Boudoir: Why do a Nude Boudoir Session?

You may be thinking what’s the point of naked boudoir. Many of my clients choose to do a nude boudoir session because they want to remember what they once looked like, and they want to celebrate their fitness journeys. Other clients want to spice things up and give their partners a unique gift. The truth is the motivation behind these boudoir photos is going to vary for everyone. Some people are just genuinely curious about these sessions and want to step outside their comfort zone. Personally, I think it’s wonderful to take some time for yourself and invest in boudoir nude photography. Our bodies are forever changing and gradually aging, so it’s awesome to have these photos as keepsakes. You can look back and remember this moment and appreciate your beautiful self.  

Nude Boudoir Photos: How to Prepare?

Usually, clients book a boudoir session which involves a variety of different looks. Nude boudoir is one of the looks my clients choose to do. Normally, naked boudoir photos are left towards the end of the session. Preparing for this look involves grooming, mental preparation, and positive affirmations. I’ll guide you throughout the experience and will show you how to pose and what to do. Click below to learn more about the different outfits/looks:

Women’s Boudoir Outfit Guide & Men’s Boudoir Outfit Guide

Boudoir Nude Photography: How to Book?

Chances are you’re considering doing naked boudoir photos. Booking your nude boudoir photography is simple. Fill out your contact info on my website. We’ll schedule a call to go over all the boudoir details. You can ask questions and I’ll explain my process. A retainer and signed contract are required to schedule your boudoir session investment.

Naked Boudoir Photos: Are You Ready?

Now that you’ve taken the time to read this blog post, you’re one step closer to booking your boudoir photoshoot. Nude boudoir is completely optional. I’m here for you every step of the way. I’m super excited to meet you! Get in touch here: Los Angeles Boudoir Photography.

For more info click here: Los Angeles Boudoir Photography & Men’s Boudoir.